Comprehensive Denture Repairs for Clients in Kent

Enhance your natural smile by visiting our practice for restoration work. Dover Dentures Ltd & Herne Bay Dentures Ltd also carry out a range of denture repairs, including relining, for customers in and around Dover, Kent. Our dental technicians offer helpful advice on the best products for you.

Walk-In Service

Dover Dentures Ltd & Herne Bay Dentures Ltd repair your trusty dentures in one hour. Simply visit either of our premises and ask for our drop-in service. Your dentures are expertly repaired by our friendly and efficient dental technicians.

Additions Service

If you need additional teeth on your partial denture, Dover Dentures Ltd & Herne Bay Dentures Ltd add these on to your existing plate. Contact us to arrange an appointment at our practice. When you are unable to travel to us, we also offer home visits for your convenience.

Denture Lining Repairs

We provide soft linings to make your denture more comfortable. When your current lining starts to peel away, or the shape of your mouth changes, our technicians reline your dentures for maximum comfort.

Maintain your smile! Contact our team, in Kent, to obtain further details about our denture repair and reline services.

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