Choose Our Competitively Priced Acrylic Dentures – Serving Clients Throughout Kent

Restore your smile the cost-effective way. Dover Dentures Ltd & Herne Bay Dentures Ltd provide traditionally popular acrylic dentures, available from two locations in Kent. Ask our dental technicians for an evaluation of our products. You’re sure to find one that suits your needs.

The Latest Technology

A popular choice, acrylic dentures are very affordable and easy to modify. They also benefit from being faster to fabricate than most other solutions. Investing in top-quality new dentures restores confidence and comfort, genuinely putting a smile back on your face. More benefits of buying this product include:

  • Prevention of “Drifting” Teeth 
  • Improved Bite and Speech 
  • Comfortable Chewing

Our other options include Valplast and Chrome dentures. As well as this, we also offer a comprehensive denture repair service.

Contact our friendly team, in Kent, to receive further information about our acrylic denture implants.

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