Robust Chrome Dentures – Available for Clients in Kent

Purchase brand-new chrome dentures from Dover Dentures Ltd & Herne Bay Dentures Ltd, available from our premises in Dover, Kent. Our helpful dental technicians are available to create and fit your bespoke new product. Choosing a set of compatible false teeth has never been easier.

A Strong Choice

Taste what life has to offer by using our sturdy chrome dentures. The tensile strength of the metal alloy allows our technicians to create a smaller supporting frame, meaning that your palate’s senses experience food more easily.
This lightweight option also makes for easier speech, plus the reduced frame size means less contact with existing teeth and smaller risk of damage. For expert advice on what type of denture would suit you best, contact Dover Dentures Ltd & Herne Bay Dentures Ltd today for a free consultation. You can discuss our other options too, including our acrylic and Valplast dentures. You may also want to talk about our repairs service and home visits.

False teeth don’t have to break the bank! Contact our dependable team, in Kent, to obtain more details about our chrome dentures.

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