Receive New Dentures from Our Clinical Dental Technicians in Kent

Enhance your smile and confidence by contacting our company. At Dover Dentures Ltd & Herne Bay Dentures Ltd, we fit tailor-made dentures for clients throughout Kent. Our Clinical Dental Technicians have practices in Dover and Herne Bay, which allows us to cover a wider area.

Visit Either of Our Locations

Free Consultations

We invite you to come and meet the team to discuss your personal requirements. This is available free of charge for your convenience. However, when you are unable to reach either practice, our helpful staff also carry out home visits to take new measurements and fittings.


We take impressions of your mouth to ensure that your moulding provides the perfect fit. This is conducted over 3 appointments. You receive your new dentures quickly, in around two weeks.

Products for Sale

  • Val-Clean® Flexible Denture Cleaner: £40
  • Flexible Denture Cleaner: £17
  • Gengigel: £8.00
  • Gengigel Mouthwash: £8.00 
  • Sonic Denture Cleaner: £20.00
  • Sonic Cleaner Tablet Tube: £3.00
  • Denture Box: £2.00

Book an appointment with the dental technicians at Dover Dentures Ltd & Herne Bay Dentures Ltd. You’re sure to benefit from our wide-ranging services.

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